Neural Network

I wanted to find out how Machine Learning works. There are (of course) lots of ways of doing this, and I had to pick an approach (a model). I picked the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model. Neural Networks has always facinated me.

Of the tousands of tutorials out there, I chose a video tutorial by Welch Labs. It is 7 videos, and the first one is here. The tutorial is a good one if you want to get a basic understanding without spending more than a day.

While I was wathing the video, I took notes, and I wrote the Neural Network in C# (the example in the video is on Python). You can find my code on GitHub:

My notes was written in OneNote with lots of snapshot-pictures from the video, but transferring OneNote pages to WordPress turned out more difficult than I expected, so I’ll leave it. Anyway, Stephen Welch put much better notes on GitHub

You will need the math formulas when coding.