Running Tests

To run all the tests, you need to:

  1. Setup an Sql Server database (See below how I did it)
  2. Setup Oracle database (See below how I did it)
  3. Create this file: ConnectionStrings.json
    • You can create the file by rename ConnectionStrings.json.sample
    • Add your connection strings to the ora_test and mss_test keys

Setup Sql Server database

I assume Sql Server is installed. I’m using Sql Server 2016 for testing.

    1.  Create the database (I called my db ‘agr’)
    2. Create the login. I used the same name as my database. Here is how I create it:
      • I use SQL Server authentication
      • Set default database to the one above
      • Set bulkadmin server role
      • Map user to the database above, and check_db_owner

Setup Oracle database

I assume Oracle is installed. I’m using

  1. Go to https://localhost:5500/em (Oracle Enterprise Manager)
  2. Login as sys
  3. Go to storage -> tablespaces and create a new one
    •  Give tablespace name and leave rest as is
    • Add datafile (give name and leave rest as is)
    • Default values for rest
  4. Go to security -> create user
    • Set user name and password
    • Set Default tablespace to the one you created
    • Leave Temporary Tablespace as TEMP
    • Set privilages and click Ok (since I only use my Oracle db for test, I give the user DBA privileges)